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[1.1] Visitors to this website are considered as users of the website and will find information related to the type of activity, products and services that we provide.


[1.2] The information and materials on our website have been obtained from sources we consider reliable. However, despite precautions and reasonable measures to ensure the reliability of the information, it cannot be guaranteed that the information is exact, complete and/or up-to-date. Consequently, we do not accept responsibility for the omission of information or for the publication of incorrect information that appears on this website.


[1.3] The information exhibited and/or given by this website should be considered, by the user, as general information, without taking the information as a determining element for decision making by the user, as such we do not accept any responsibility for the verification of the information on the website, and specifically it is understood that the said information, subject to the corresponding Spanish law, is not governed by users acting in other State jurisdictions that have different requirements for the placement, divulgement or advertisement of related services to the activities and/or advertised services in this website.


[1.4] As hosts of services from the Society of Information, we reserve the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained in this website, which can include a limited or unpermitted access to the said information, without previous notification. Specifically, the right is reserved to eliminate, limit or block access to the website when technical difficulties occur for reasons beyond our control that, according to our criteria, lower or eliminate standard security levels adopted for the appropriate functioning of this website.


[1.5] As hosts, we can in any moment establish legal technical procedures to obtain information relating to an anonymous visitor, which signifies, in whichever case, that the said information cannot be associated in anyway with a concrete user or identity. This procedure saves data using the domain name of the supplier, used to access the network by the user, the time and hour of access to our website, the Internet address that shares the link to direct the user to our website, the number of daily visitors to every section, and natural analogue data. The data and information collected is for statistical analysis, to improve our knowledge about the activity of the visitors to our website, and to maintain and/or improve its online presence.


[1.6] The users, in whatever moment, can deactivate our data collection mechanisms by changing the configuration of their website navigation software. This deactivation while not affect or interfere with the navigation of our website.


[1.7] The user authorizes us expressively and unequivocally to obtain and use information which is generated as a consequence of using our website, with the only aim to offer a more personalised and efficient navigation for the user.




[2.1] As service providers, we decline any responsibility for the information displayed on our website which comes from sources unknown to us, in the same way as we decline responsibility for the content that has not been designed by us.


[2.2] The function of the links that appear on this website is only and exclusively to inform the user about the existence of other sources of information on the Internet, where one can expand on the information offered by our website. Therefore, we will not be, in any way, responsible for the consequences of accessing these websites through the said links.


[2.3] In no case will we be responsible for any loss, damage or problems in any form that could occur from the access and/or use of this website, this includes those produced in information systems or those caused by viruses or illegal activities by hackers. In the same way, neither will we be responsible for the damages that could occur to users by unsuitable use of our website, in any way, from the failure, interruption or defect of telecommunications.


[2.4] As hosts, we are not responsible, in anyway, for the possible discrepancies that could arise in the printed version and the electronic version of the same documents published in other websites obtained electronically from this website.




[3.1] As hosts we guarantee the protection of the data of our clients and users. This website does not recognise automatically any data which refers to the identity of the visitors to our pages. Nevertheless, for the on-line services offered, with the object of guaranteeing security and confidentiality, initial identification and authentication of the user will be necessary, through the use of access keys. For those in which the user is soliciting information about services and products or to notify claims or incidences, by filling forms from our website, it will be necessary to collect personal data that corresponds to the information needed to respond to the claim.


[3.2] As hosts of services from the Society of Information and as the responsible entity for the personal data archives, we inform the users of this website that all data of a personal character will be treated with absolute confidentiality, and will be used only for the ends for which they have been solicited, in the realm of the Organic Law 15/1999, 13 December, for the protection of data of a personal character (LOPD), the Law 34/2002, 11 July, for services from the Society for Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE) and all other applicable judicial laws.


[3.3] As we are responsible for the personal data archives, we assume responsibility to adopt the necessary security measures both technical and organisational to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information, according to that established in the LOPD, the LSSI-CE and other applicable legislation.


[3.4] The user has responsibility, in whichever case, to the veracity of the data given, therefore we reserve the right to exclude any services registered to all users that have given false information, without compromising other rights.


[3.5] Whichever registered user can exercise their rights of access, ratification, opposition and cancelation of data of a personal character, in respect of their personal data in the terms expressed in the Law, through this website, by written communication, accompanied by a copy of an Identity Document, directed to the company responsible for the personal data archive, whose address is indicated at the end of this legal advice.




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[4.2] As the owners of the intellectual rights of this website, we reserve the possibility to exercise legal action against users that violate or infringe the intellectual and/or industrial property rights.




[5.1] The general conditions presented will be governed by Spanish legislation referred to earlier or by another not explicitly indicated but by obligatory application.


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